The seeds of Electra were sown back in 1962 by its founder Late Shri. Shantilal Sanghvi, who initially started with the production of Automotive Battery Plates. Today, his son Mr. Chetan Sanghvi has taken the lead as the Managing Director, establishing himself with varied experience in marketing and operations. Owing to the ever-increasing demand of batteries, Mr. Chetan Sanghvi set up a manufacturing unit in the Industrial Township at Vapi, Gujarat under the name of ‘Electra Battery’.


Since then, Electra Batteries has distinctly placed itself in this competitive market by consistently upgrading their products. So much so, that it has raised the bar of quality every time. Through evaluation and monitoring, Electra focuses on each and every regulation relating to the quality of the raw materials, components, machineries and production. The raw materials and the machineries used are the best available in the industry. Hence, since the start, the company has looked forward only to improvement and expansion. As a team, every individual has contributed wholly to take this company to the highest level with their exceptional values, knowledge and skills.