To be a global leader in the energy domain with a difference by providing reliable, research-oriented, affordable energy and alternate energy solutions marked with superior quality and innovation.



Creating value added relationships with our consumers, suppliers, investors, shareholders and employees through our products and services by participating & contributing in creating, an era of excess energy & power around the globe.



What we stand for…

E – Ethics and Integrity

L – Long term relationships with all our stakeholders

E – Environmental consciousness and environmental friendly technologies

C – Culture of professionalism within our organization

T – Team work and Positive Team spirit

R – Reliability

A – Accept, Embrace and Drive change


At Electra, we are dedicated to provide our customers with the best quality of products and achieve highest levels of service satisfaction. We understand the dynamic and constant changing environment, and hence are committed to evolve ourselves with every passing day.

Expansion, growth and diversification have always been the goal for Electra, and with every passing year we take great pride to see our “Electra Family” growing with the help of all our stakeholders.